A family business for friendly service

Here at The Lathkil Hotel, we're not part of a chain, but a friendly local team who want to help you make the most of your time at the hotel and the local surroundings, so that you will to come back time and time again! 

Robert Grigor-Taylor has been the landlord of The Lathkil Hotel since November 1981, since then the hotel has been wholly family run. November 2011 saw Robert & Helen celebrate 30 years at The Lathkil.  Robert also took this opportunity to hand over the running of the hotel to daughter Alice.

There has been a public house here since the early 1880s.  The first records relating to The Lathkil Hotel's history date back to 1828, when John Wildgoose was landlord of The Miners Arms Hotel.  The pub was then used for much-needed refreshment by the lead miners working in Lathkill Dale.  Indeed, in the 1850s, it was even owned by the local mining agent, James Bateman.  In 1882, Ester Wildgoose changed the name to The Lathkil View Hotel.  With extensions and names changes over the past two centuries the hotel is known today as The Lathkil Hotel.

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