Get to know the Lathkill

Below the village of Over Haddon lies the stunningly beautiful Lathkill Dale.

The Lathkill Dale is often referred to as the least known, yet most beautiful of the Derbyshire dales.  The River Lathkill runs from a limestone cave near the top of the dale and on to join the River Wye.  The upper and lower reaches of the dale are quite different in character.  Conveniently, the point at which it changes is just below Over Haddon village, so Lathkil Hotel visitors have easy access to both parts.


The dale today is a peaceful place, but 150 years ago it was an industrial site - lead mining was a crucial source of income in the area.  Traces of this past industry can still be seen.


Summer is wonderful in the dale - so are spring and autumn for that matter!  When it's plunged into the depths of winter, though, it has a very different kind of beauty which some people find irresistible.

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